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混合體雕刻 Wooden Sculpture

6 月 23, 2014 by     No Comments    Posted under: Art

These are wooden sculpture from Yoshitoshi KANEMAKI showing a mixture live and death or living creatures together.

Source: TEEPR | EmptyKingdom

Yoshitoshi-Kanemaki Yoshitoshi-Kanemaki2 Yoshitoshi-Kanemaki3 Yoshitoshi-Kanemaki4 Yoshitoshi-Kanemaki5 Yoshitoshi-Kanemaki7 Yoshitoshi-Kanemaki6 Yoshitoshi-Kanemaki8 Yoshitoshi-Kanemaki11 Yoshitoshi-Kanemaki10 Yoshitoshi-Kanemaki9 Yoshitoshi-Kanemaki18 Yoshitoshi-Kanemaki17 Yoshitoshi-Kanemaki12 Yoshitoshi-Kanemaki19 Yoshitoshi-Kanemaki13 Yoshitoshi-Kanemaki14 Yoshitoshi-Kanemaki15 Yoshitoshi-Kanemaki16

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