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Where Children Sleep

4 月 10, 2014 by     No Comments    Posted under: Interests, Travel

Where Children Sleep is a book by James Mollison in which he tried to take the photograph of the children and their sleeping room.

You should take a look at these impressive pictures. This is the world and truly reflecting the inequality and imbalance but different style, culture and so on.

Source: James Mollison, My Modern Met, Mothers Jones, TEEPR

Kenya_Nantio_0373 Senegal_Lamine_5788 USA_Joey_-1960China_Li_0633 China_Dong_0876 Cambodia_Roathy_0677 Italy_Roma-boy_01791USA_Jazzy_4509_ Japan_Kaya_1035 USA_Jivan_8822 Japan_Risa_0937

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