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Deodorizing Toilet Seat

11 月 26, 2014 by     No Comments    Posted under: Design

This is the design of deodorizing toilet seat.

Source: Fast Co

3039016-slide-s-5-this-deodorizing-toilet-seat-makes-your-poop 3039016-slide-s-7-this-deodorizing-toilet-seat-makes-your-poop 3039016-slide-s-9-this-deodorizing-toilet-seat-makes-your-poop 3039016-slide-s-8-this-deodorizing-toilet-seat-makes-your-poop 3039016-slide-s-1-this-deodorizing-toilet-seat-makes-your-poop 3039016-slide-s-4-this-deodorizing-toilet-seat-makes-your-poop

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