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海上宮殿 – 法國遠洋郵輪的黃金時代 Palaces on the Seas: The Golden Age of French Ocean Liners

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Palaces on the Seas: The Golden Age of French Ocean Liners
May 28 – August 26, 2014

This special exhibition features the golden age of travel on French ocean liners in the latenineteenth and early twentieth century, when fine design and the art of living were an integral part of long distance trips. Immense and majestic, these French lines embodied the French lifestyle and the splendor of French culture. These “Palaces on the Seas” carried travelers who desired comfort, modernity and a new horizon all over the world, including the Far East.

This exhibition focuses on two large French cruise lines, Compagnie Générale Transatlantique and Les Messageries Maritimes. More than 200 objects, including posters, drawings, silverware, ship models, costumes, illustrated books, and photographs, will be displayed. Most of these objects are displayed to the public in Hong Kong for the first time,presentinga unique chance for visitors to experience a travel in a French art style.

Keen to surprise and to satisfy their passengers, both lines invited renowned artists to decorate their interiors including architects and designers such as Dominique, Rulhmann, Lanel and Laique, and French Marine painters such as Brenet and Sebille, poster designers Colin, Cassandre, and Sandy-Hook. Major French manufactures including Christofle, Ercuis, Puiforcat, Saint Louis, and Haviland also combined their creativity and skills to develop these floating palaces.

This exhibition is co-organised by the Consulate General of France in Hong Kong & Macau and the Hong Kong Maritime Museum in association with the French Lines as part of Le French May arts festival 2014. We invite you aboard these palaces on the seas to discover the art of sea travel in the nineteenth and the twentieth centuries.

Exhibition exclusively sponsored by the Hong Kong Jockey Club, with the support of the Peninsula Hotel.

Source: HK Maritime Museum

 海上宮殿 – 法國遠洋郵輪的黃金時代




這兩家郵輪公司為了給乘客帶來驚喜及滿足他們的需求,皆不約而同地邀請大名鼎鼎的藝術家為其郵輪的室內設計操刀。建築師與設計師,例如多米尼克、魯曼、拉內爾.萊利克;來自法國海軍的畫家,包括索韋戈、布勒內和塞比耶,海報設計師柯林、凱珊德拉和珊迪.胡克,以及主要的法國頂級精品製造商Christofle、Ercuis、Puiforcat、St. Louis 和Haviland齊聚一堂,用其令人讚嘆的非凡創意和工藝技術來裝飾這些浮在海上的宮殿。

本展覽由法國駐香港及澳門總領事館、香港海事博物館與法國郵輪協會共同籌辦, 是2014年法國五月藝術活動節的一部份。我們誠邀您與有著百年傳奇的法國郵輪一同徜徉大海,踏上一個獨一無二、充滿幻想與驚喜的旅程!


Source: 香港海事博物館


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